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International Accreditation
Compartment Fire Behaviour Training Instructor Level 1 and Level 2. Delivered on your site or at a number of accredited training sites across the globe.  Institution of Fire Engineers Recognised Training Course

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Every fire talks to us through the 4 Fire Behaviour Indicators. Being able to read the fire forms the essential foundation for every tactical decision that is made on the modern fire ground. Visual pattern recognition assists in rapid and accurate dynamic decision making under stress.

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Recent scientific research has challenged many of the traditional ventilation approaches that were developed before petrochemical based plastics became a common part of our built environment. We go back to basics and build a link between the science and tactics.

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CFBT Instructor Level 1

This 5 day program designed to give candidates the knowledge and skills to deliver live fire behaviour training in accordance with international best practice. This program has gained approval as an IFE Recognised Training Course.

CFBT Instructor Level 2

Prerequisite is successful completion of CFBT I Level 1. This 5 Day program focuses the knowledge and skills required to safely deliver live fire training in multi-level and multi-compartment props. IFE Recognised Training Course.

Tactical Ventilation Instructor

Prerequisite CFBT I Level 1. This 5 day program focuses on building a sound understanding of the impact of air supply on modern fire behaviour. Covers anti-ventilation, natural ventilation, forced ventilation and how these approaches can be combined to provide tactical synergy.


Reading the Fire

Use the BE SAHF method to identify the fire location, stage of development and the changes that are likely to occur in the following seconds and minutes. Small scale and large scale demonstrations are combined with multimedia presentations and case studies to build pattern recognition skills. More information here

Blended Learning

Our online LMS provides convenient access to the training package and supporting material. Learn the theory at your own pace and test your knowledge. Support material is regularly updated and the media rich learning environment allows for competency acquisition and maintenance.

Authorised Training Provider

CFBT-International endorses suitably qualified providers to deliver components of our training packages. Only organisations that meet our stringent quality control, safety procedures and competency maintenance standards are endorsed. Find one of our International ATP's.

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