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Alternative Energy Solutions

Advances in Battery Energy Storage technology have led to an ever-increasing number of applications.

They power our small electronic devices.

There is a revolution occurring in the transport industry with fully electric vehicles becoming more popular.

Batteries are being fitted to everything from domestic dwellings to industrial complexes to complement renewable energy such as solar and wind.

Large scale Battery Energy Storage Systems are being added to the Grid to assist in meeting peak demands.

Do you know how to respond and manage the new challenges that this technology brings?


Rapid Development

Due to increasing environmental concerns, high oil prices and concerns regarding oil supply, there has been an exponential growth in the development of cleaner alternative fuels and advanced power systems for vehicles.

These evolving systems present unique challenges for emergency responders, infrastructure managers and the environment.

To manage this challenge, it is essential to develop a fundamental understanding of the hazards and the most effective means of dealing with the incidents.

Standalone, Hybrids and Other Innovations

We have seen enormous growth in the use of wind power and photovoltaic panels. Along with this growth we have seen improvement in efficiency along with reductions in cost.

We are seeing many other innovations that can complement existing technology and create new solutions.

This rapidly changing field of technology will require constant vigilance if we are to ensure that emergency responders are able to safely and efficiently deal with fires and other possible critical incidents.


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