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We are dedicated to providing knowledge and skills that empower the worlds firefighters to make the best decisions and take the most effective actions in life and death situations.

CFBT Instructor Level 1

5 day focussed on practical fire behaviour, impact of ventilation, extinguishing options, reading fire, tactical synergy, live fire safety.

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CFBT Instructor Level 2

5 day program building on the essentials of level 1 including hazard recognition, risk mitigation, scenario planning, exercise development and management on multi-levels.

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Reading the Fire

Rapid fireground risk assessment based on recognition of the key fire behaviour indicators and pattern recognition. Basic course is 4 hour. The one day program includes the factors in human performance under pressure. The 2 day program give students the opportunity to analyze and critique real incidents. A popular segment is the sitting in the "Hot Seat" sessions where they have the opportunity to develop reading the fire skills using BE SAHF.

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International Tactical Ventilation Instructor

This 5 day Instructor course is an accredited Recognised Training Program (RTC) through the Institution of Fire Engineers education recognition process. The IFE reviews and, where appropriate, provides formal Recognition of specific training courses, training providers and educational programmes of study that meet our quality standards. Successful applications result in IFE Recognition, the use of the appropriate IFE Recognition logo (for use on certificates and promotional materials) and inclusion within the relevant online IFE Recognition Directory.

If you would like to be kept up to date regarding the next courses and their location, you can contact us here for the full curriculum and timetable

Target Audience

Fire Officers from Junior to Senior Officer Rank that will be directly involved in development or delivery of training programs to operational firefighters, or responsible for the development and implementation of realistic training programs and facilities.

Training Provider

Aus-Rescue is a PTY LTD company registered in Australia (2005) that specializes in providing practical solutions for frontline firefighters and emergency responders. Innovations include the design and construction of realistic live fire training props that are in service with numerous Australian Fire Services, mining companies as well as the Royal Australian Air Force. These products are supported by educational programs that are developed in consultation with other leading firefighters, instructors and fire scientists. This material has been published in numerous books and technical papers and many aspects have been incorporated into the foundational practical training programs delivered to firefighters and fire commanders across the world. 

Chief Instructor, Shan Raffel  has over 38 years of frontline operational experience. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in teaching fire behavior, tactical decision making under stress, and firefighting strategies and tactics. Theoretical and practical aspects of the program are constantly reviewed through international meetings and online forums with highly experienced fire instructors and researchers in the world. His education through the IFE led to registration as a Fire Engineer (EngTech) and has been awarded the titles of Companion Fellow for distinguished service. His training experience spans 26 countries.

Training Method

The course consists of a combination of theoretical presentations, practical evolutions, classroom scenarios and practical exercises. Trainees are assessed on a daily basis by the Instructors. The course instructors are experienced in delivery strategies that will enhance the learning experience for learners that use English as a second language. A high standard of competence is set for the group and the program is designed to allow for sufficient repetition of the practical components.


International Compartment Fire Behaviour Instructor Level 1 or equivalent.

The trainees should be competent and experienced in:

  1. Firefighting strategy, tactics and techniques.
  2. English language skills. (It may be possible to provide translators for the theory and practical)
  3. Intermediate computer skills
  4. Instructional techniques.
  5. Medically fit for operational duties in accordance with fire service requirements

Theory Components

The theory component is designed to build on a solid practical firefighting background. While advanced, sufficient time is allowed to compensate for the fact that the trainees use English as a second language. Instructors are highly motivated to giving the trainees every opportunity to meet the high standards set. Any student requiring additional assistance outside of normal class hours will find that the Instructors are prepared to give as much help as the student requires. A variety of assessment methods will be used.

Practical Components

The practical components will consist of workshops, realistic training sessions and tactical exercises. Trainees will be expected to be highly competent in the wearing of SCBA and familiar with all commonly used firefighting tools. All candidates must be fit for operational duties and the physical strain of realistic live fire training.


Chief Instructor
Shan Raffel AFSM EngTech CFIFireE CF




Our internationally recognised training courses are founded on over 37 years of frontline operational experience. This is enhanced by our passion for excellence that is supported by a global network of leading operational firefighters, instructors and fire scientists.

"Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses, especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ― Leonardo da Vinci


We are highly experienced in delivering training at a wide range of facilities anywhere in the world. For those who prefer an international experience, we regularly deliver training through a number of approved training centres is Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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