A set designed for structural firefighting containing:

  • 1 x Fognail attack 0,5 m
  • 2 x Fognail restrictor 0,5 m
  • 1 x Spike hammer
  • 1 x 3 way manifold
  • 1 x Shoulder holster

Weight: 9 kg
Length: 0,61 m
Width: 0,28 m



The shoulder holster is a practical way to carry and store up to three Fognails and for instance a spiked hammer and manifold.

The spiked hammer is used to create a hole for and hammer the Fognail through materials. The hammer comes equipped with a safety strap to connect around the wrist.
2,7 kg
Length: 0,48 m
Materials: Steel and galvanized steel.

The manifold is a practical way to supply up to three Fognails with water from a single hoseline.
Usable nozzle pressure: 0 to 50 bar
Weight: 2 kg
Length: 0,14 m without couplings.
Width: 0,2 m without couplings.
Materials: Stainless steel and brass.
Couplings: Country specific.
Ingoing thread: 1 inch BSPP female.
Outgoing ball valve thread: 1 inch BSPP female.
Thread pattern: BSP, (NH & NPSH available for North American markets).

Additional information

Weight9.0 kg
Dimensions62 × 28 × 10 cm