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International Experience

CFBT International® has developed a global reputation for providing live fire training instructor courses that are focused on compliance with internationally recognised safety standards and alignment with the leading edge of scientific research and best practical application.

We believe that instructors must have a sound knowledge of fire behaviour and dynamic risk assessment of the fire behaviour indicators (BE SAHF) in order to truly assess a working fire and make the safest and most effective strategic and tactical decisions.

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Safe and effective learning environments are built on depth of knowledge in relation to the legislative health and safety context in which they operate. Recent research has given us a new understanding of the health implications of fire contaminants during firefighting and training. There is no doubt that we still have a lot more to improve on. The way in which practical training is conducted sets a standard for the practical implementation in the real world.

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Constantly Seeking Excellence

Unfortunately, there are many examples of CFBT that have become biased towards a narrow range of training props. Some also have a narrow focus on techniques and tactical approaches. We believe that the focus must be on giving firefighters a sound practical knowledge of fire behaviour and how to recognise the indicators (Reading the Fire). Only then can we empower firefighters by discussing and demonstrating a wide range of tactical approaches, tools and techniques. We seek to give them an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the wide range of options available to the modern fire team. Only then do we have the ability to analyse the situation and select the most appropriate tactics, tools and techniques.

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