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The foundational knowledge that every firefighter must know. The content covers key elements of the Aus-Rescue International Compartment Fire Behaviour Training Instructors course that is recognised through the Institution of Fire Engineers.

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The Essential Skill
Every fire sends out signals that can assist firefighters in determining the stage of fire development and, most importantly, the changes that are likely to occur. This skill is essential to ensuring that the correct firefighting strategies and tactics are employed. Being able to “read a fire” is the mark of a firefighter who is able to make decisions based on knowledge and skill—not guess work or luck.

Shan Raffel

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This volume builds on the foundational skills developed in Fire Dynamics for Firefighters and Reading the Fire. Learn the essentials of strategic and tactical decision-making under stress. Discover how to select the best tactics, tools, and techniques. Serve your community with excellence and safety!

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