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Fire Behaviour and Attack

Stage 2 Multi-compartment

Multi-compartment Techniques and Tactics

Multi-level Techniques and Tactics

Multi-level Techniques and Tactics

Flashover Stage 2 Multi-compartment Multi-level Techniques and Tactics

"Demo" and "Attack" in 1 Prop

The 3D Hybrid prop is designed to allow the full range of competencies to be taught in one prop. It combines the features of the traditional “Demo” prop with the features that are essential in progressing into critical techniques such as “Door Entry”.

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Read the Fire and Take Control!

The addition of a 40’ High Cube training module to the Stage 1 Fire Behaviour and Attack prop, expands the learning outcomes into intermediate technique drills and foundational tactical exercises. Internal walls and doors are incorporated to create a multi-compartment environment as well as exterior doors and windows.

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Stage 3 Multi-level

The CFBT International Stage 3 Multi-level prop is based on the Stage 1 Fire Behaviour and Attack Prop and the Stage 2 Multi-compartment Tactical Foundation Prop. The additional level and roof space allow for all of the foundational skills available in Stage 1 and 2, with the ability to progress to more complex technical skill development and coordinated fire attack on 3 levels.

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