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Successful incident size up is like being given two or three hundred pieces of a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and being pressured to make an accurate “guess” to the subject of the puzzle in a matter of seconds. The incident commander must make sense of this limited information and develop a plan of action in seconds. As the size-up progresses to a “360”, there is potential to find a few more pieces of the puzzle. Additional pieces of the puzzle may be found by vigilant internal teams. The most complete size-up will only be achieved when the “Fire Behaviour Indicators” (FBI) are relayed to the incident commander.

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Print ISBN 978-0-6451420-20

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Reading the Fire, 2nd edition
The art of Reading the Fire


Reading the Fire

Tactical Decision Making Under Stress. Print ISBN 978-0-6451420-20


Making a rapid and accurate incident size up would be one of the most challenging decision making processes faced by any profession. Fireground time frames are measured in seconds, and the review process in minutes. The stakes are high as making correct decisions can mean the difference between life and death. 


Every fire sends out signals that can assist the firefighter in determining the stage of fire development, and most importantly the changes that are likely to occur. This skill is essential to ensure the safest and most efficient firefighting strategy and tactics are employed. Being able to “read a fire” is the mark of a firefighter who is able to make decisions based on knowledge and skill, not guesswork or luck.

Shan Raffel, Fire Australia Journal, May 2002, page 11


This book focuses on giving firefighters the ability to recognise the key visual patterns of fire behaviour, and to use this knowledge to develop the safest and most efficient manner.


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